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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feherty Show

Source: golfchannel.com
When I first heard that David Feherty was going to have his own show on the Golf Channel I was a bit surprised.  I really did not think we could pull it off.  However, I was impressed and really enjoyed his list of guests. 

It is rare these days to see Lee Trevino in an interview setting.  He has more or less faded from the professional “golf scene”.  As one of the great players in the history of professional golf it is interesting to hear his take on Tiger Woods or the state of the game today.  There will come a day when we will no longer be able to see an interview with players like Trevino, Player, Palmer or Nicklaus and that will be a shame.  The same goes for his interview with Tom Watson.  What a golfing icon he is and he still has serious game. 
Another episode I really enjoyed was the Greg Norman interview.  I always enjoyed watching Norman as a competitor and it is good to see him excel in his business endeavors.  After seeing his sprawling Colorado Ranch we all realize what a different world he lives in.  Feherty’s comment that it took him 45 minutes to get to Greg’s ranch after he found the driveway was hilarious.
It was obvious that David Feherty had to make a few phone calls to get the show off the ground but it was worth it.  I am not a big fan of reality TV and the only show I TiVo is Big Break.  So, it was refreshing to have another golf program to watch that was interesting and fun.  I am looking forward to a new season should the show get renewed.  It will be interesting to see who his guests next year are.  There is a rumor that former President Bill Clinton wants to be a guest.  There is no doubt that will lead to some interesting questioning from Feherty. 
In my opinion, the Feherty Show is the best interview program on the Golf Channel since Golf Talk Live with Peter Kessler.    Let’s face it most golf talk shows are quite boring and pretty repetitive.  It was fun to watch an interview style program that had some character and humor.  We all knew that Feherty would not ask the standard interview questions and he did not disappoint. 
Feherty is a one of a kind figure in the world of televised golf programming.  His style is unique and unpredictable.  Part of his charm is you do not know what he is going to say next.  I have no doubt he hears voices in his head that most people don’t.  After all, who else would talk to an electric chicken named Frank?