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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Putting Grip Pressure

Earlier this year I was struggling with my lag putting overall.  I was unable to judge the pace properly on longer putts.  So, I adjusted my grip pressure, holding the club might less firm.  Immediately, I began to seen the results on lagging the ball closer to the hole.  I have even found that this same tactic works for short putts.  The putter glides through the ball much  cleaner and the strike is more on the face.  I also had to take a much longer stroke since I was no longer "hitting" the putt rather, stroking the "putter".  The lighter grip pressure removes all of the tension from the hands, arms and shoulders which creates more of a rocking motion.  The stroke becomes more of a pendulum method resembling the strokes of touring professionals Justin Leonard and Loren Roberts.  I now make more long putts, have shorter second putts and can be much more relaxed on the greens.

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