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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tiger hearing it from fans

I was wondering how long it would take for the TV or Print Media to actually capture or report on the heckling that Tiger receives on tour.  Since he is the Media Golden Boy they dare not say that people are heckling him for "fear" that once his game returns he will shun them.  The fans do not share this same concern and you know he is hearing about it while on course.  

I ran across this article earlier today where a fan expressed his opinion and it was reported on by the media.  Here is an the excerpt and you can find the full article in the link attached.

Moments later, as he was walking between the 18th green and the scoring trailer, a young man said loudly to him, ``You're washed up, Tiger. Give it up!''

I think most golf fans agree that Tiger will win many more times in his career and probably many more majors.  However, will his reputation ever recover?  I do not believe it will for most people.  Fans will admire and respect his game.  They will enjoy watching him play and break records.  However, there will always be those memories in the back of their mind of what he did to himself and is family. 

For the first time in his golfing career he is receiving criticism.  It will be interesting to see how handles it and if his game truly recovers.

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