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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stroke Play Strategy

As a follow up to my post about Match Play Strategy I mentioned I would write a similar post on my Stroke Play Strategy.  Here are some bullet points I refer to prior to playing a stroke play round.  I also keep them in mind throughout the round to stay focused on my goal of shooting the lowest score possible.  I know this should always be the goal but sometimes I lose sight of it.
  • Hit fairways and greens- it is a simple concept but difficult to do sometimes.  However, in stroke play it is critical to shooting a good score.
  • Par is always a good score, 18 pars is never a bad thing- I focus on this because it can be hard to play conservatively at times. 
  • Stay patient- do not get ahead of yourself especially if you get into trouble on a hole.  Slowing down and making a good decision can be the difference in saving par versus making a bogey. 
  • Everyone is playing the same golf course- no matter how difficult the conditions are, everyone will face the same challenges on the course.
  • If you get into trouble, get out, do not be a hero- oftentimes your total score can hinge on a single hole.  If you find yourself in trouble get out, take your medicine and move on.  Do not ruin a good round on a single hole.
  • Take no more than a bogey-  a bogey can be recovered with a birdie but “other scores” are tough to come back from.
  • Go ahead and release the club, do not play tight- hit the shot and accept the result, your practice and preparation will pay off here.
  • SLOW DOWN- this is especially important in making decisions or when trying to get out of trouble.  I struggle with this one all the time.
  • When nervous take deep breaths and more practice swings- I have found this to have a calming effect.  It will keep you loose and allow for a more relaxed swing.
  • Do not hit the shot until ready- the way I like to think about this is that I only have one opportunity to hit this shot my entire life.  It sounds dramatic but it helps me to put it into perspective.

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