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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Masters Week 2012

Master Week is finally upon us, yippee!!!!!!!!  When did the Master’s, US Open or British Open  begin having “Weeks” anyway?  Who started it?  I think it was the Golf Channel as they needed to fill a full week’s worth of programming air time.  Anyhow, I am glad they did as it is my favorite golf week of the year, TV wise.  I can watch hours of in depth analysis and interviews on the Masters.  It is such a unique event for many reasons.  First, it is an Invitational unlike most other PGA Tour stops or Major Championships.  We tend not to think of it that way but that is what it is.  If you do not earn your way in then you have to be invited.  Another unique aspect to the event is that the former players get to come back and play.  It is great to see guys like Couples, Stadler, Player and others grace the fairways once more. 
Another great feature to the event is the beautiful colors on the property and how they are displayed on TV.  Now with High Def TV you get even more amazing images of the golf course, conditions and sounds.  There is nothing like a well struck shot that echoes through the Georgia Pines.  It is a truly unique sound and one that I look forward to hearing each spring.
I respect the Commitment to tradition that Augusta National keeps intact.  They do not bow to pressure from outside influences.  They keep traditions alive that make Augusta National one of a kind.  Before I attended the Masters in 2010 I always thought they did so to be snobby.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I believe they do so to keep the connection back to the days of Bobby Jones.  They want to keep his memory and legacy alive.  They want the traditions he began to live on forever.
I think it is cool that they play the Par 3 tournament.  It is even better that they televise the event now.  It is always great to see Jack and Arnie tee it up one more time.  Even though it is not a competitive round it does not matter, watching The King and Golden Bear play is always a pleasure.
I Have to mention the lack of commercials during the competitive rounds of TV coverage.  Absolutely, it’s one of the best parts about watching the championship.  I also like the Internet streaming so we can watch at work when time permits.
It’s the one event each year where the TV commentators have to be on their best behavior.  Even David Feherty has to tone it down.  It is great to listen to the commentary of an event that is all about golf and not a commentators attempt at humor.
Last but not least, I love to watch the Back Nine on Sunday.  Is there a more exciting nine hole stretch of golf to watch anywhere?  More things can happen and usually do each year to determine the eventual winner.  The back nine has the perfect blend of reachable par fives, challenging par threes and difficult par fours.  The entire event can turn on one swing of the club or one putt. 
What is your favorite part of Masters Week?

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