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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review- Caddy for Life

I recently finished reading the Book “Caddy for Life” authored by John Feinstein.  Most of us know John from his appearances on The Golf Channel and for providing commentary at PGA Tour Events.  John has a long history of following and writing about the PGA Tour and is a respected author of several other golf books and many years as a journalist.
The book was based upon the life and Professional Caddying career of Bruce Edwards.  For those of us that follow golf regularly Bruce Edwards was the long time caddy for Hall of Fame PGA Tour star Tom Watson.  For thirty years Bruce walked the fairways with Tom during some of his greatest triumphs in golf.  However, there is a not a story book ending about this player-caddy partnership.  That is because Bruce passed way in 2004 of (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Although Tom and Bruce did not close out their careers by walking off into the sunset together that does not matter.  What does matter is that they had a unique and special relationship on and off the course for over thirty years.
I can no way describe the type of person Bruce was with any accuracy or clarity as I never knew the man.  However, John Feinstein did a wonderful job in this work describing what an amazing human being Bruce was.  He described Bruce in countless ways throughout the book as a charismatic individual; liked and respected by his fellow caddies and players on tour.  He spoke of his unbridled enthusiasm throughout his life and career, even up to the very end.
The only thing I can critique about the book is the level of detail in it about Tom Watson’s golf career.  I realize that you must include Toms on the course play when you are writing a book about a PGA Tour caddy.  It seemed, at times like I was reading a chronicle about Tom Watson’s golf career “on the course.”  However, do not let this one critique prevent you from reading this amazing work.  You will be a better person by getting to know how special Bruce Edwards was as a person.  After reading this book you will come away with a better perspective on life.  As I did, you may ask yourself why I can’t be more like Bruce?  Why can’t I have his perspective and attitude?  Why can’t I treat everyone as he did?
I just played in a charity outing at Wethersfield Country Club in Hartford, CT.  This is where Bruce got his start as a young caddy when the Greater Hard Open was played there.  All day long I could not help but think about Bruce, his history on that course and where he developed the love for caddying.
As much as this book is about golf, it is also about life.  It is about personal friendship, professional respect, sacrifice and loss.  We all face challenges in life and some of us do a better job than others in dealing with them.  Bruce Edwards was an amazing role model in how to deal with adversity.  For this reason alone you should read this book.

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