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Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunnehanna Amateur

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The 61st Sunnehanna Amateur Golf Championship will be held June 11th-14th at Sunnehanna country Club in Johnstown, PA.  This tournament hold a special place in my heart because it is held in my hometown and on a fabulous A.W.Tillinghast designed golf course.  I have played Sunnehanna Country Club many times in my life going back to my junior golf days and it is still one of my favorite golf courses in the country.  Not only is Sunnehanna a visually stunning property it is always in amazing condition.  So, if you have the chance to play this storied layout I highly recommend you take that opportunity. 
Over the years as I have traveled I have asked people if they ever heard of the Sunnehanna Amateur.  Most people say that they have not.  When I tell them it is one of the top amateur events in the country they are surprised that they have never heard of it.  It may be a well-kept secret but I would like to play a small part in changing that.  Here is a recent fact I found this week on Facebook regarding the Sunnehanna Amateur.  There are only two amateur golf tournaments that Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger woods and Phil Mickelson have played in: the Sunnehanna Amateur and the United States Amateur.  This pretty much proves my point that it is one of the most prestigious amateur golf events in the country.
I had the opportunity to watch Phil Mickelson play in the Sunnehanna Amateur when he was a junior at ASU.  I still remember him hitting his three wood off of the first tee and being amazed at how long he hit the ball.  I also remember him carrying doglegs and hitting shots that I just did not see.  You could tell even back then he was going to be an amazing player in the professional ranks.
Another neat part about attending the Sunnehanna Amateur is walking through the clubhouse.  There are pictures, trophies and memorabilia through the facility and it is really neat to see pictures of the great players who have played in the championship over the years. 
If you want to watch some of the future stars of the PGA tour, on a storied golf course, in a beautiful part of the country, you must attended this event at least once.  I promise you, that you will not be disappointed.  While in the area bring your golf clubs and play some of the great public course nearby.
Please visit their website for more information, www.sunnehanna.com
If you make it to Sunnehanna post your comments, we would love to hear what you think about the property and the championship. 

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