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Friday, December 17, 2010

Davis Love III to be named Ryder Cup Captain for 2012 team

It has been reported that Davis Love III will be named as the next Captain of the US Ryder Cup Team. It was an expected choice and a deserving one. Davis Love III has been a fixture in Professional Golf and on the PGA Tour for over twenty years. He has played the game with class, grace, and an effortless golf swing that is a beauty to watch.

So, what kind of captain will Davis make? How will he manage his team? How will he select his Captain’s Picks? What will his strategy be to take down the European Team so the US can regain the cup?

As an observer of golf, I have certainly watched Davis play many times. I have seen many interviews over the years and he strikes me as a genuine individual. There does not seem to be any false front, big ego, or devious motives. So, my guess is that his team will play to win for him and the Cup. I can foresee his players rallying together to win one for their captain. You can’t help but play harder, prepare better, or get more fired up to win when you have a captain you admire, respect, and dare I say “Love.”

As far as how he will manage his team, I would venture to say he will be a strategic thinker in how he goes about his business. He will take this approach in selecting the Captain’s Picks, setting up the pairings, laying out the course and probably even picking the team uniforms. Hopefully, there will not be another rain gear malfunction like we had at this year’s Ryder Cup.

I can also foresee Davis speaking to Paul Azinger about his strategy. Paul is a contemporary player and probably a good friend to Davis. Paul also happens to be the last captain to win the Ryder Cup for the US in quite awhile. He may even solicit some advice from Corey Pavin, the most recent US Captain who failed to win. There is much that can be learned in losing and perhaps Davis will glean a little insight from Corey on that so mistakes are not repeated.

Finally, how will he select his Captain’s Picks? Will he simply fall back on the age-old adage of picking the players who are playing great leading up to the Cup? Or, will he pick personalities, guys who can gel as a team -- that play well together, play like a team and play hard for their Captain and country. Prior to this year’s Ryder Cup, many analysts questioned Pavin’s pick of PGA Tour Rookie Rickie Fowler. I loved the pick because I enjoy watching guys who know how to win. Guys who have a little flare and can dig deep down inside and play their best when it matters most. Fowler had an impressive record as an amateur and a good year on the PGA Tour leading up to the Cup. Rickie proved that on the final day single matches when he stormed back to birdie the final four holes to tie his match with Molinari that included a twenty foot putt at 18.

So, let’s hope Davis picks some guys who love the game, know how to win, and are not afraid to show it. Who can forget Boo Weekley at the 08 Cup? I would hate to see another US Team that includes a bunch of Prima Donnas who act like robots and share little passion for the game.

Davis Love III was an assistant captain for the 2010 U.S. Ryder Cup team. (Getty Images)

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  1. I think he will be a good Captain. Time will tell.